New Dry Eye Compress with HydroHeat machine washable cover - Moist heat therapy to treat: Dry Eye Syndrome, TMJ, sinus pressure, tension headaches. FREE shipping


$27.95 $39.95

New and Improved!

  • Relieves dry, itchy eyes in minutes
  • Includes antimicrobial Machine-Washable Cover - retains moisture, protects the compress so it lasts for years
  • Place in the freezer to relieve painful, puffy, swollen eyes from allergies etc.
  • 10 minutes of therapeutic moist heat - no water needed!
  • Helps reduce painful eyes from: Dry Eye, Stye, Photophobia, Uveitis, Iritis

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    New Features:

    • HydroBlock technology - directs more heat and moisture to the eyes
    • Patented Comfort nose piece using elastic and silicone for added comfort and improved fit
    • Smaller more Contoured fit for improved comfort
    • Plastic zipper for easy loading and unloading for machine washing